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Public Access Defibrillation Program Mgt  v.102

A management system for PAD (Public Access to Defibrillation)

Public access systems for libs/schools  v.1.0

The PCPAC project describes a method for converting a Linux desktop distribution into a safe, reliable and efficient PAC, a Public Access Computer, for a library, school or waiting room. The intention is to have discussions about distros and scripts.

CyberCafePro  v.6.1.32

CyberCafePro 6 is free cyber cafe software trusted and used in over 200 countries. Features reliability, timing, POS, security, free updates, and easy-use for all public access computing locations. Free CyberCafePro Client Software Required.

WKiosk for Mac OS  v.6.0

A web browser designed to present web-based content or run web applications in a safe and stable way. Mostly used for public access terminals in museums or libraries, wKiosk can also be used as the default web browser for all members of a company or

OPACIAL  v.1.2

OPACIAL is an open source Web 2.0 Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). It is based on PHP-Mysql (requires Yaz and GD). The users can isnert their own social tags/opinions and have a faceted search/browse interface (also using social

OpenWiz  v.1.0

OpenWiz is a project assist the development of open source software for the GamePark Holdings Wiz handheld machine. We will maintain public access to the kernel sources as well as providing alternate firmwares, development tools and

Green Cloud Online portal  v.1.0

In Green Cloud here is a central global server which does the work of global database management along with providing complex analysis services for the users (farmers, scientists) through the client machines and the public access web portal. The ...

RePEcPHP  v.1.0

RePEcPHP is a free PHP and MySQL based web interface to maintain a RePEc archive. The RePEc project ( provides a volunteer-driven public-access database of more than 100,000 working papers in economics plus other items.

The Sideways Sloped project  v.1.0

Me and my friends have been playing Garrys mod (Gmod) For a while now, and we are getting pretty good at it. The one day we decided that we should make a whole series of comics/mods, etc. So that is why we are starting up this public access thing.

Solidstore  v.1.0

solidstore is an web based community multimedia jukebox written in ASP.NET. Multiple users can upload & publish their own collections of music, video & pictures either for shared or public access.

Unison Protein Database  v.1.0

Unison is a database and web interface of integrated, precomputed proteomic predictions for rapid feature-based mining, sequence analysis, and hypothesis generation. Click "Home Page" for more information and to access the public access version.

HORUS Reasoning and Learning System  v.1.0

HORUS is a system for knowledge acquisition, hypothesis generation, inference and learning. It is an interactive, internet environment accessible to a diverse community of users (public-access or membership basis) - see also UMKAILASH project for more.

IntraDeveloper  v.1.0

Index Server Registry Authority - ubiquitous address validation for public access terminals. Point of query, verification/deny for Host-path.

Benchit  v.1.0

A benchmarking utility providing administration of the benchmarking procedure and a web interface for public access on the results. The goal is to have an automated procedure after the benchmark specification.

Zeus Protection - Zip w/ AES Encryption  v.1.0

Zeus provides an API for developers to protect with AES Encryption and compress with ZIP application specific data not intended for public access. Zeus, the tool, integrates with Windows Explorer to protect sensitive data.

SafeHouse Explorer USB Disk Encryption  v.3.00

FREE SafeHouse Explorer provides total privacy and protection for your sensitive files and folders using passwords and strong 256-bit encryption. This software is particularly well suited for files stored on portable media such as USB memory sticks.

Coin Op Internet Cafe Kiosk Timer  v.2.8

Save your hiring cost, management cost, make more profit, the Weavefuture Coin Op Internet Cafe Kiosk Timer have to work with Weavefuture Muilt Coin Acceptor AK5, charge user by time, when the count down timer is expired, the user have to drop more

Exe Lockdown  v.5.01

Exe Lockdown has been designed for PC users who require proactive protection against the installation of unauthorized applications. Allowing users to run trusted applications, while preventing the execution of non-trusted programs. Executable

Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Free  v.3.1.7779.5174

Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Free 3.1.7779.5174 is created with the aim to protect your computer from all types of viruses and unwanted system changes.While mainstream vendors continue to fight a losing battle against malware, Returnil has taken

I6engine  v.1.0

This game engine can be easily used to create multiplayer games. It currently supports graphics, physics, GUI, processing Input and multiplayer. As the network library is still a graduate thesis, it isn't published yet. Therefor the ...

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